1. Belchatów, POL, 37,6 million tonnes per year CO₂
  2. Vindhyachal, IND 33,9 million tonnes per year CO₂
  3. Dangjin, KOR 33,5 million tonnes per year CO₂
  4. Taean, KOR 31,4 million tonnes per year CO₂
  5. Taichung, Tchaj-wan million tonnes per year CO₂
  6. Tuoketuo, China 29,5 million tonnes per year CO₂
  7. Niederaussem, DEU 27,2 million tonnes per year CO₂
  8. Sasan UMPP, IND 27,2 million tonnes per year CO₂
  9. Yonghungdo, KOR 27,0 million tonnes per year CO₂
  10.  Hekinan, JPN 26,6 million tonnes per year CO₂

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CZ https://vtm.zive.cz

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